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The stones in base gravel #3 may be two inches across and even a bit bigger, making it good for that bottom layer the place drainage is of the utmost significance. The smallest rocks in this gravel might be about an inch wide, so there’s nothing to compact and get clogged up, making certain that you just’ll have great drainage. Just as the name suggests, the gravel used in river rock comes from the beds of rivers and streams. These stones are round and semi-polished from years of operating water. They have a clean texture, which means they have a tendency not to stay put when you lay them down.

Washed clean stone is actually crushed stone that has been washed to eliminate any small chips and rock mud. This prevents it from compacting and ensures that it’s going to always have great drainage. Because of this, it’s a perfect selection for bottom and mid-layers, although it does tend to be a bit pricier than non-washed crushed stone gravels.

Most of the stones in merchandise #four are about the size of a golf ball, which makes it great for drainage, though the sand and filth can sometimes prevent proper drainage. Also, it’s not probably the most enticing gravel, so you most likely gained’t wish to use it as a prime layer. Pea gravel may be very different from crushed stone since it is spherical and usually smooth. However, the small size … Read More