How to Make a Beautiful Home Garden

The garden can beautify the appearance of the house, besides being able to be used as additional oxygen, the garden can also be a conditioner for the house to make it beautiful and comfortable. Planning a beautiful home garden is an important thing in order to create a beautiful and beautiful garden. Here are some ways to create a beautiful home garden:

Determine the land area

The area is the first and important thing to consider when you want to create a garden. The area will affect the theme of the garden and the selection of plant types. If you have a large enough area, you can put lots of plants and decorations such as garden lights in the garden in your minimalist home.

Pay Attention to the Layout of he Garden

The layout of the garden around the house is very dependent on the remaining area around your house. If the rest of the land you have is on the side, then make a garden next to the house. But if the remaining land is in front or behind, you should make a garden in front or behind the house.

Customize with Home Theme

The garden theme should be adapted to the home design theme that the homeowner wants to present. The thing that must be considered to determine the theme of the garden is the area that will be used as a garden. If the available land is limited, you can use a modern minimalist theme or just a minimalist theme. Usually gardens on narrow land use hanging plants or plants planted in beautiful pipes.

Choose Quality Plants

The selection of plants to decorate your home garden is something that should not be forgotten. The selection of this plant is important, because this plant will decorate your home garden.

Pay Attention to the Plant Watering System

Given that every plant needs sufficient water, think about the watering system that will be applied in your home garden. Are you only going to implement a manual watering system, or instead install an automatic watering system.

Pay Attention to Drainage or Drains

Drains are also very important to create a garden. The function of drainage is to regulate and absorb excess water so that water does not stagnate. If the water absorption system is good, then the plants will also grow well and fertile.