Dry Garden Design on the Back Terrace of the House

Having a dry garden on the terrace of the house only requires two criteria, namely simple and elegant. It doesn’t really require a large size of land, having a dry garden at home only needs a beautiful design with attractive and appropriate decorations to be enjoyed together. Although sometimes it can be a challenge to make a dry garden at home, you can try everything without giving up. It only takes one size plot, guaranteed a dry garden on the back porch ready to make the house even more stunning. Here are dry garden designs on the back terrace of the house that you can apply without having to do a lot of things.

Beautiful with rattan bench and greenery

This dry garden design proves that even in a narrow area, a cool, simple and beautiful atmosphere can be created. Just decorate it with ferns that give an elegant impression, you can cover the land with synthetic grass and complete it with a rattan bench as a relaxing place.

Vertical garden decoration can be an option

Create a beautiful landscape around the garden behind the house just by using the walls. This dry garden tries to take advantage of the wall area to create an oriental and more elegant vertical garden. To complete this area, you can try to arrange around the land with plants using minimalist shelves for a neat garden appearance. If you want to bring furniture elements, just one long bench is enough to make this area more charming.

Beautiful setting with walking path

You can also combine a dry garden on the back porch of the house with grass and natural stone. Change the surrounding area by adding a cement footpath with natural stone to increase the aesthetics. Frame the garden area with a beautifully sized mini fence.

Super minimalist dry garden

The following dry garden design will be suitable for small-sized homeowners on little land left. Instead of having to be left empty and an eyesore, utilizing and changing the style of this area with a beautiful dry garden design will greatly refresh the environment. Land covered with natural stone will be attractive and aesthetic when combined with a long bench made of natural wood. Without having to need a large area, you can make an iron trellis at the top and hang ornamental plants to sweeten the terrace area of the house.

Minimalist dry garden in the bathroom area

Don’t make your small house more ordinary without beautiful decorations. The solution with this dry garden design can make the home area more fresh and elegant. The arrangement of beautiful plants on the shelves will make it easier to care for and group them. With this beautiful rock wall decoration, it will make this garden even more charming. Especially with the roof that seems open and protected because of the use of a glass canopy that invites freshness.

Bamboo for dry garden at home

This bamboo plant can be the best choice with a vertical shape and does not take up much space. Besides being easy to plant, bamboo has its own effect, which is a carrier of sustenance. Of course, it will be very stylish if it is placed in the back area of the house with a fresh and beautiful impression. Use furniture to relax from natural rattan and an open concept that is more refreshing around the house.